Introduction to mobile online casino gambling

The development of smartphone technology has made it suitable for applications other than communication. Internet access, fast processing and high quality audiovisuals allow users to play games on smartphones and tablets. Initially simple free to play games were introduced. Then leading online casino software developers entered the picture and created the technology to play the complete range of casino games for real money on mobile devices. Today, the best Australian online casinos also allow their players the facility of wagering on a selection of games.

Mobile casino native apps

Each mobile device works on an operating system. Apple and Blackberry devices have their proprietary operating systems. The operating system for Apple iPhones and iPads is known as iOS. Android and Windows license their operating systems to independent manufacturers of mobile devices, for example Samsung. Mobile casino native apps are applications written specifically for an operating system. You have to download the application from the mobile operating system’s dedicated application store. If you are using an iPhone, you download the native casino app from the AppStore. If you have an Android based mobile device, you download the native casino app from Google Play.

Native applications are of a higher standard than the general purpose web applications. This is because they have been created for their corresponding operating systems. They are optimized for and integrated with the mobile operating system. As a user you will perhaps notice the advantage only in most graphics and animations rich online pokies and not in every casino game.

HTML5 games for iOS and Android tablet and mobile users

When mobile casinos first started operating, the casino games were constructed by the software providers in HTML5. These are also referred to as web enabled application. They do not have to be downloaded on to the mobile devices. They can be accessed directly from the browsers, just as the instant play games are accessed at desktop casinos. This browser is Safari on iPhone and Chrome for Android mobiles. As the online pokies got richer in graphics and features, software providers found that they did not work as effectively on mobiles. Australian mobile gamers would want to play on at least the best of the latest titles on their smartphones and tablets. This led to the development of the native apps described above.

Today in Australia, iOS and Android devices are most common, but Windows and Blackberry users are also present in significant numbers. Therefore every new mobile game would have to be developed in four different native app versions in order to cater to the entire market. This obviously adds to the costs. Also HTML5 capabilities have increased. Therefore HTML5 based mobile games are becoming more commonly used. Since no download is required, users also save on the storage capacity in their mobile devices. There are a couple of other minor advantages of HTML5 games or web apps. In the unlikely event that you are still using an old data-enabled WAP, Java and Symbian OS device then HTML5 games will still work, at least the simpler ones. There are some players who do not want a casino games app downloaded on their mobile phones for social reasons and HTML5 is a boon for them.

In the normal course you have to search for your mobile casino through the browser of your iOS or Android device and then start playing. If you plan to wager frequently then this process can be irksome. You have to follow this process the first time. Then you can follow the instructions on your mobile device and create a Web app of that mobile casino. Your mobile then creates an app icon similar to ‘native’ apps and adds it on the home screen. You can even create icons of your favourite games this way.

The mobile casinos that we have recommended offer over 225 games on your iOS and Android handsets. Most of them are online pokies. Some of the branded pokies are released simultaneously on desktop and mobile. But the popular pokies released earlier are regularly converted to HTML5 and made available for mobile gaming.

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Online Casino Gambling

Mobile gambling makes the activity very convenient. Today almost every Australian always carries a smartphone or tablet with him or her. So you no longer need to connect to your online casino from a bulky desktop or laptop. You can do so from your mobile device. This gives you much more freedom. You can wager from wherever you are. Your time management becomes more efficient because you can use the time normally wasted for gambling. This includes the time commuting to and from work, the time spent in waiting for an appointment or your lunch order to be delivered. This allows you to spend quality time with your family when you return home from work. You can perform all the functions that you do from your desktops, including making deposits and withdrawals, claiming bonuses and contacting customer support. Many players find the tap and swipe operations of mobile devices more convenient that scrolling and pointing with the cursor in desktops.

All this freedom comes with a few disadvantages. First is that you have a smaller selection of games to choose from. But at our recommended casinos, the best and most popular titles will be available on mobile. You have to settle for the smaller screen of the tablets and mobile phones. The layout of mobile games is such that it gives you the largest possible playing area by shifting some of the operations like setting the betting parameters, to another screen. But even then there is some loss of visual appeal. There is some loss of functionality as well. For example auto play and gamble game are removed from some of the online pokies.