Setting Deposit Limits at Australian Online Casinos

April 12, 2017

Setting Deposit Limits at Australian Online Casinos

If you are going to start playing at Australian online casinos in the real money mode it would be a good idea to start off by setting sensible deposit limits before making your first ever deposit. In addition to being able to set deposit limits you can also often set spending limits and even session time limits.

You can do this by logging in to your account and then heading to ‘My Account’ area or to ‘My Preferences’ area. You can also occasionally set these limits by clicking on the ‘Responsible Gambling’ button. If you can’t seem to find out where to set your limits, all you need to do is launch the live chat feature which will generally put you in touch with a member of staff in a matter of seconds.

They will either point you in the right direction or they will be able to set the limits for you, providing you tell them exactly which limits you would like to be set. This is am extremely useful online casino bankroll management tool and it’s something that we always recommend doing. It can be too easy for some players to deposit more than they can afford and end up losing their entire pay packet in less than a few hours, which is why it’s essential that you set these limits.

Let’s just say that you set a AU$20 per week deposit limit. This means that you can only deposit AU$20.00 in a seven day period. If you made a AU$20.00 deposit on the Monday and then tried to deposit even more on the Tuesday, you wouldn’t be allowed to because of the limits that you set. You would have to wait until the following Monday before you could make another deposit and then you could only deposit another AU$20.00.

If you did deposit AU$20 on the Monday and then decided that this weekly limit was actually too low, you could easily go in to change it to perhaps AU$50.00, but it would still take another week for the new changes to come in to effect. This is why you should set sensible limits from the very beginning so that you don’t have to keep changing them. You can often set daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits and when you reach this limit and try to redeposit, a simple pop-up message would appear on the screen informing you that you have reached your limits.